A better lawn next year, now!

Right now when I look out at my lawn or in the front pasture where our Hereford cattle are grazing, I can see the cool season grasses shooting up through the heat loving Bermuda grass.
  Here in middle Tennessee fall brings with it longer nights and cooler ones too.
Soon the Bermuda grass will turn a pale brown, but in the mean time Fescue season is here.
Whether you are tending 5 acres or a 1/2 acre lawn, You want it to look great. Now is the time to strengthen your grass for next year..
Yes, you read that right. If you want grass that is BEAUTIFUL, LUSH & EMERALD GREEN next year, you need to seed, feed, water and strengthen right now! Here are some tips that will help.

1) Use the best seed. Look on the bag for a high germination rate and a low filler rate.(It’s worth it to spend more $ here)

2) Depending on where you live, now is the time to add Calcium, lime etc. Here in the south, we have a very acidic soil, in the northern states such as Michigan, you have a sandy loam low acid soil. Your county extension agent or CO-OP can take a soil test and tell you exactly what to add.

3) Aerate, and de-thatch. The machines to do this are inexpensive and readily available to rent or purchase at most hardware stores. They come in both pull behind & self propelled models.
(at our dealership, we have them on sale right now)

4) Don’t stop watering just because the hot summer weather is gone. If you’re not getting enough rain, keep irrigating.  Remember, you are doing all this to build up strength at the roots to stand a long cold winter and come back strong next year.

5) cut the grass a little taller 3.75 – 4.00 will keep everything healthy.

There you go. The top 5 things you can do right now for a stunning lawn next year!
Any questions, just give us a call at 615-667-1647 Mon – Fri 8:30 – 5 central time. Sat. 8-12.
Or find us at www.midstatemower.com

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