How to shop for a leaf blower.

  1. Look for the DURABLILTY RATING. This is the useful life of the machine as deemed by the E.P.A. Some name brands are only rated to 40 hrs. That Sucks! Look for 200-300 hrs.
  2.  Air speed M.P.H. is a gimmick.  After all, you can blow air through a straw at 200 m.p.h. Seriously, how long do you want to be out there!
  3. Look at air flow C.F.M. (cubic feet per minute) how much air you will be pushing. in a hand held blower 350 or more is good. Backpack Blowers should be 450+
  4. Look at the standard warranty. A good warranty will include PARTS AND LABOR for a minimum of 2 years. Don’t purchase an additional warranty. They will not cover any repairs that the manufacturer doesn’t already cover.
  5. Make sure you buy from a dealer that has a SERVICE DEPT. to take care of needed repairs. the big box don’t. That means if you have a problem. Your machine gets shipped away to “who-knows where for who-knows how long”
  6.  You don’t have to spend a fortune to get one. In our store, we have an Echo PB250ln blower with 390 c.f.m. a 5 yr. warranty & a 300 hr. Durability rating for only $159.00!
  7. Please drop me a line and Let me know if this helps.

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