Don’t feed the weeds.

An old Polish proverb says that “What you do now will determine what you must do later.” Today we’re applying that to the topic of weeds.

  Generally, you can apply a pre-emergent in March and September. You must apply pre-emergent before the growth of weeds, because it will not kill existing weeds.

  Pre-emergents are designed to prevent the seeds of weeds from germinating; therefore, you should use weed killer on weeds that are already present. As always, follow the manufacturer  prescribed instructions and precautions. Better safe than sorry.

 Application dates for applying pre-emergent can be different than your fertilizing dates, because you should apply fertilizer after your grass has come out of dormancy. If you apply a fertilizer that is high in nitrogen before the grass has a chance to grow, you inadvertently feed the weeds. Especially if you didn’t add a pre-emergent last fall to stop the seeds that are sprouting by this time.                 And now, we’ve gone full circle!

Until next time, Thanks so much!

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