How to Save $200 with 1 phone call!


Please don’t got stuck like the poor guy below!
Every year we get phone calls like this at least a dozen times.

Caller_ ” I hate to bother you guys but I need some advice. My Mower won’t start. It won’t even crank over! I’ve replaced the starter & battery. Still nothing!”
He said he was embarrassed to call, since he didn’t buy the mower or the replacement parts from us, but he was frustrated and a neighbor told him “My mechanic really knows his stuff. Call MT&T” So,he did. We ran him through a couple of quick tests over the phone and with just 1 fuse it was running great.

I informed him that we would have tested the starter & battery for him.  Something the internet store could never do.
Please, don’t ever hesitate to call or email me with your problems.
I’m no rocket doctor, I’ve just been repairing outdoor power equipment for over 2 decades.
It is definitely a joy to help you! Please Visit 

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