Diesel Starting Issues Part #2


In part 1 of this lesson, we started covering some simple steps you can do to help diagnose no-start tractor problems at home.

Remember, even these basic tests that you can do with hand tools can be dangerous. You’re working with fuel and moving parts, wear eye and skin protection and catch all fuel in an approved container.

Now that we have verified  good clean fuel is getting to the pump, let’s see what’s coming FROM the pump..

The lines coming from the pump going to the fuel injectors are high pressure steel lines. Simply loosening 1 of the lines & cranking the engine over will let you know if the pump is pushing fuel. You may not get a really hard spray, I have worked on many tractors over the years that had good pumps but only trickled fuel. (I know, it makes no sense) At this point if there is no fuel flow, stop & consult your dealer. The problem could be a bad pump or a malfunctioning fuel shut-off circuit.

Next time, in part 3,  we’ll assume you have fuel flow after the pump and we’ll take a look farther up stream.



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