Diesel Starting Issues Part 3


In the previous articles we determined that we are getting fuel to & thru, the mechanical fuel pump. Here is a simple test to see if we have fuel getting into the cylinders.

I contacted Branson Tractors in Rome, GA. for this test.

According to Branson Service Manager, Scott Baughtman, There is a small pipe plug in most diesel engine exhaust manifolds. Simply remove the plug and see if there is any exhaust smoke coming from the hole when cranking the engine over.

No? Stop right there and see your dealer. The Fuel injectors are not opening. A wrong diagnosis here could be extremely costly. Your dealer has the tools to pin point the source.

If you DO see exhaust smoke, the Fuel injectors are opening and you know that you are getting fuel into the cylinders.

In this case, look for a restriction in the exhaust. Or look for a non-working glow plug system. According to Scott, even in mild conditions, a diesel engine can have a lot of trouble starting with out preheating first. He attributes that to the poorer quality fuels that are on the market today.

A simple test for glow plug issues ( other than using a voltmeter) is to use a heat gun or hair drier. remove the air filter and heat up the intake charge. It works!

I realize that the steps we’ve gone thru in these articles are somewhat vague. My intent was to help you narrow the problem down to a specific area of the machine when you break down in the field. Anything you can do to help your mechanic find the problem will save you money.

These principles are the same for nearly any diesel engine. There are 2 things that a diesel engine needs to run.  A FUEL/AIR SOURCE & COMPRESSION AT THE PROPER TIME. Anything more in-depth than that is best left to an experienced technician.

Remember, You can always call me at Midstate Turf & Tractor.  (615) 667-1647 or lance@midstatetandt.com

See you next time.KOHLERAIRFILTER1



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