Winter storage for your leaf blower



Every year at Midstate Turf & Tractor, Our dealership in Springfield, TN. We repair dozens of backpack and handheld leaf blowers of all brands and types. After 3 years of monitoring these repairs we have determined that 93.7% of all issues were found to be FUEL SYSTEM RELATED. So this is where we will concentrate our discussion today.

Ethanol blended fuel gets a lot of bad press and rightfully so. Ethanol is highly corrosive and it has the tendency to pull moisture out of the air and turn it into water… In your gas tank!

It’s not just the fuel though (the same percentage of issues were reported when the operators used advertised 100% gasoline) The Brand and type of 2 stroke oil mix also plays a factor. We can talk more about that in a future article. According to the Expert Technicians at Echo Inc. A world leader in leaf blowers, Government mandates implied by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) have forced carburetor designs to burn leaner and subsequently more troublesome.

“So what do we do?” I’m glad you asked. I’m going to skip talking about the typical tune up. Yes you should replace the air filter, spark plug & fuel filter annually, but this doesn’t help protect against fuel problems.Here is a quick list of the steps required to help ensure your blower will start and run the next year.

  • Allow the machine to cool off after use.
  • Do a basic clean up.
  • Drain the fuel tank into an appropriate container.
  • Purge the primer bulb to empty the lines of remaining fuel.
  • pour in a straight bottle of ethanol treatment (I recommend Ethanol Shield by B3C)
  • purge the bulb again to get the Ethanol Shield thru the carburetor & lines.

It may sound a little extreme to use a bottle of treatment just for storage, but it sounds a WHOLE LOT BETTER then $ 75.00 for a carburetor and fuel system overhaul!

Next year you simply reverse the steps and your ready to go!

If you are unsure about any of these steps, please call me at 615-667-1647 or drop me a note at

Until next time. Lance



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