Plowing vs. Tilling. Part 1



Powered by people, animals, machines and even using the wind, Plows have been the primary method of ground breaking for 1,000’s of years. But not so much these days.

For large production farms there are a multitude of tools available for preparing large fields. For the rural lifestyle family creating a family garden, or  for the hunter planting a food plot, there are 2 basic choices. Plow or till.

Let’s discuss plowing first. Planting with a plow is a multi-step process requiring 2  implements. A plow and a disc. harrows.  Understanding how a plow is designed to work will help you make the right choice for your operation.

A plow is basically a blade or set of blades that slice and flip the ground. The idea is to the top soil and bury it. Bringing fresh soil to the top. There are several pros and cons with this method. first the pros.

  • Larger areas can be turned quickly.
  • A small tractor does great. If it’s heavy.  A Branson Tractor is perfect for this.
  • Plows handle wet areas better.

Now the down side.

  • 2 tools are required to prepare the soil.
  • In areas where the top soil is thin, plowing deep can bury nutrients and destroy the fragile microbe process.
  • Operating in tight areas such as in the woods for food plots can take some practice.

Next time we’ll discuss the good and the bad of 3 point rotary tillers.



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