Plow vs. Rototilling Part 2



Over the last few years I’ve seen a major change in our Rotary Tilling sales & service. Gone are the days when a farmer wouldn’t be caught dead without his plow and disc. Todays tillers are much stronger and more efficient than ever before. here are the Pros & Cons.


  • Only 1 machine is needed to prepare the ground
  • Many times a single pass is sufficient
  • A rototiller can be set to simply churn the soil, not bury the valuable top soil
  • If you purchase a good quality tiller, doing the job is fast and easy.

Down Side:

  • A quality tiller is a major purchase
  • More maintenance is required (adjustments, lube etc.)
  • Your choices are limited by PTO requirements
  • You may find yourself having to clean debris from the tines periodically.

I’m sure we can list a few other positives and negatives if we talked long enough. In my humble opinion, A Rotary Tiller is the way to go for anything up to about 20 acres. Anything larger than that, I would consider to be production farming. The machine requirements at that point would make a multi-board plow and disc harrows a better option. But we’ll save that discussion for another day.  Happy Thanksgiving!

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