Periodic Tractor Maintenance


Before I ever write an article, I consider the relevancy. I ask if it can it help make your outdoor life easier,safer & as a result, more fun? I start by looking around the web to see if there are already good articles on the subject.

Concerning Tractor Maintenance, the articles I found looked like they were written by corporate lawyers (no offense). “Inspect the seat belt” “Look for tire wear” “Consult your approved owners manual”   Yes, these are important points, but I’m talking about saving you money & time on needless repairs.

At Midstate Turf & Tractor in Springfield we sell tractor and loader packages at wholesale prices, and we sell a lot of them! So we’ll focus on these today.

  1. Check the loader pins for wear. slight movement is ok. If there is 1/4″ or more replace them. look at the loader hoses & cylinders for leaks. ANY leak is too much.
  2. Check the Front axle. TORQUE THE LUGNUTS! Our parts dept. receives a lot of calls from tire shops looking for wheels because operators let the lug nuts run loose & ruin the rims! All the weight that you put in the bucket is supported by the front axle. Check the front axle fluid & look for leaks.  Again, any wetness is bad. Grab the tie rods & give them a yank. There should be no movement other than a nice tight side to side roll.
  3. Check your engine Compartment. The engine oil not only lubricates the engine but also helps to cool the engine. Is it full and clean?  look at the fan belt, check the air filter. Dirty air filters ruin a turbo charger faster than anything else. Check the fuel/water separator and drain if necessary. Clean out the radiator screen and clean the top of the battery if necessary.
  4. Look the whole tractor over for leaks and loose bolts. check the tractor fluid level. Torque the rear wheel lug nuts.
  5. These checks along with the seat belt, tire wear and the like will ensure that you can spot and address a small issue now, and avoid a big bill later!

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