Lawn Mower Warranty Woes

exmark warranty.png

These days every mower company claims to have “the industries best warranty”. Well they obviously all can’t be the best. So what’s the truth?

  1. The most expensive and fragile part of the mower, the engine, in nearly all cases is warrantied separately from the machine by it’s own makers warranty. All having their own guidelines and stipulations.
  2. What are considered “wear items” such as blades, belts & tires have no warranty at all from many lawn mower companies. Exmark Mowers on the other hand, covers the belts & tires for the first 500 hours.
  3. Advertised warranty periods vary from 1 yr. all the way to 7 years. and as little as 30 days if a residential mower is used commercially.
  4. What is advertised as “7 year warranty” by some companies does NOT  cover
  • The Engine
  • The drive pumps
  • Bearings
  • The Spindles
  • The Deck Shell
  • Emissions
  • Batteries

And even more! This begs the question..”What’s Left?”

Then there are the “lifetime warranty” parts. One manufacturer states that they have a ‘Lifetime deck warranty on the front leading edge only.’

The front leading edge is a 1/2 piece of square stock metal welded to the front of the deck. The only way for that to get damaged is if you hit something, voiding the warranty. The bottom line is?…. It looks good on paper but does NOTHING for you!

My conclusion on warranties is this….Any manufacturers warranty is only as good as the dealer you purchase your lawn mower from. If it takes 3 trips to the dealer to get a problem fixed correctly. Or a repair takes 6 weeks to complete, It takes the quality of any equipment and dumps it right down the tubes.

At MT&T, our master service technicians will have your machine diagnosed and repaired, in most cases  with-in 48 hours. You never pay for anything up front and we will negotiate with the manufacturers on your behalf to get a problem covered.

That’s what World Class Service looks like!

Until next time. Thanks!




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