Tractor Wars* First Comparison Branson 3725H vs. Kubota L3901

New for 2017. In this series we will be comparing the tractors that we offer at MT&T  against other popular tractor brands. Looking past the names and the hype into the specifications and ability of various machines.  

We have decided to start this series with Branson Tractor’s newest line. The 25 Series. Headquartered in Georgia, Branson has just released a new compact tractor model. The 3725H. Lets see how it compares to Kubota’s popular L3901 Tractor.

                                             BRANSON 3725H                                        KUBOTA L3901

Engine                                 37 HP 4 cyl diesel                                         37 HP 3 cyl diesel

PTO horse power             32                                                                       30.6

Tier 4                                  serviceable DPF/ non re-gen                   common rail/re-gen

Weight w/loader             5314 lbs.                                                           3593 lbs.

Transmission                  3 range HST                                                    3 range HST

Operation                         dual pedal                                                      single pedal

Hydraulics                       dual pump 15.4 gpm                                    dual pump 10.1 gpm

PTO                                    2 speed live/independent                          1 speed live

Seat                                   suspension w/arm & head rest                 pan/spring

Front Axle                      4 WD no drag link                                         4 WD drag link type

3PT Hitch                       3306 lbs. lift                                               1852 lbs. lift

Telescoping                   YES                                                                     NO


Quick Attach                  YES                                                                    YES

Quick Attach Bucket   YES                                                                    NO

lift at full height          2100 lbs.                                                          1131 lbs.

Break out force            3532 lbs.                                                          NOT LISTED

Subframe                      YES                                                                    NO

Warranty                       6 yr. std. 3 yr. optional                              6 yr. std. 1-2 yr optional

OPERATION:  After spending time on both tractors, I offer my personal opinions here.

  • The Branson dual pedal design is much easier to operate & less fatiguing.
  • The Kubota diesel was smoother & quieter.
  • The 4 cyl. Branson had more power thru the entire rpm range.
  • Power steering was fine on both tractors.
  • The L3901H that I tested did not have the optional cruise control or a telescoping 3PT hitch. Both came standard on the Branson as did a tilt steering wheel.
  • The tool box on the Kubota is a nice touch.
  • refueling the Branson is done from the ground vs. Kubota from above.
  • No contest in seats. The 3725H has full suspension, padded arm & head rests.
  • I definitely  felt more stable & secure on the heavier Branson chassis.

SUMMARY: Comparing specs, it became obvious to me that the Branson is a heavier, more powerful tractor with a basketful of standard items. The Kubota, although somewhat crude in comparison, has a reputation for reliability.

Operating both tractors also showed me that the L3901H just isn’t enough tractor to complete the chores on a hobby farm. SoAssuming that the Branson will be more expensive, I wanted to know what the cost difference is and is it worth it. 

The price I received from the Kubota dealer for the L3901H I tested was $27,200 as equipped with Loader. I double checked this price with another dealer and found them to be very close.

The Branson 3725H as equipped with loader at MT&T is $23,647. Over $3500 less.

There you have it. I’ve provided each companies specifications along with my personal experience operating both. The rest is up to you.

Until next time, Thanks. And remember,

“When the work won’t wait…Midstate!”

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  1. David Leo says:

    Honestly, Kubota made in Japan is quite expensive but quality is good and durable. Compared with the price of the machine in China, the price of Kubota is double. If we think about the price we should try the machine in China, if you want quality and long lasting durability, Kubota of Japan is the best choice.


    1. Hi David. I didn’t know that Kubota made any of their tractors in China. That’s good information. Thanks!


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