Tractor Wars 2. Branson vs. New Holland


Hello. Today we are pleased to bring you part II in our real world competition between the top compact tractors in the market today. During this test, we will do our best to choose tractors in the same horse power range and same basic footprint. Our mission is to see how the different machines stack up on Specifications, Build, Ability and Pricing. After that, it’s up to you to decide what your next tractor will be.

For this round, we chose the Branson 3520h A very popular tractor at our store and put it up against a  New Holland Workmaster 37 that a local dealer had on special this month. Lets take a look…


BRANSON 3520H                                                     N.H. WORKMASTER 37

Engine:        Branson 35 HP 3 cyl                         LS Tractors 36 HP 3 cyl.

PTO HP         29                                                          29

Weight w/loader       5214 lbs.                              3872 lbs.

Transmission             3 Range HST                       3 Range HST

PTO speed                   540/540e                               540

Hydraulics                  13.9 GPM                                13.5 GPM

seat                              Deluxe Suspension            Pan & Spring

steering                     Power Tilt                              Power No-Tilt

Front Axle                4 WD No Draglink               4 WD Draglink type

3 pt. Hitch                3306 lbs. @ Ball                        1808 lbs. @ Ball

Loader                      Q.A. with subframe                 Q.A. No-Subframe

Loader Capacity    2100 lbs. at 8.7 Feet               1500 lbs. at 7.6 Feet

Q. A.  Bucket           Yes                                              Optional

Warranty                  4 yr. standard                         5 yr. standard


My first assessment was that Both tractors were appealing to the eye. There is just something nostalgic about the traditional blue & white paint scheme. The Branson, in my opinion, was stouter looking with a nice fit and finish. When I was in the drivers seat, I really noticed the differences. The Workmaster has more plastic than I like to see and has less in the way of operator comfort. The Branson, on the other hand, Was full of standard features like a deluxe seat, tilt wheel, mud guards, mirrors etc.. Both tractors get a big thumbs up on the 3 range HST. Both tractors started easily every time.


Both machines offer impressive hydraulic systems with large GPM (gallon per minute) flow.  I could easily tell the difference in strength and ability. I was able to get a full bucket load on the Branson every time. I believe the limited capacity on the Workmaster 37 is due to the weight difference and the lack of a sub-frame for the loader. Steering was smooth on both machines. The drag link steering system on the New Holland did limit it some as far as turning radius. I did not like the placement of the parking brake on the 3520H but I am told that a re-location is in the works and will be available by Valentines day this year.


The New Holland Work Master 37 I tested was $30,100 as equipped. The Dealer stated a special  offer of 0% APR for 72 mos.

The Branson 3520H I tested was $29,190 as equipped. Branson also has special offers of 0% APR for 72 mos. OR a Free Loader rebate making the purchase price $24,390


My personal opinion on this test…Both Tractors are an incredible improvement from the old 8N I grew up on.   After we totaled up the results though, we found that The Branson 3520H Beat the New Holland Workmaster 37 in almost every category, including price.

Thanks and we’ll see you next time.









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