Tips for lawn mower running problems

In my 30 years of professional repair experience I have watched the face of the lawn equipment industry change drastically. From the first zero turn mower to the recent   If you have ever experienced a time when your lawn mower runs poorly with a lack of power, try this little trick.

ACTION= With the engine running, slowly begin putting the choke on.


  1. The engine runs better.
  2. The engine runs worse.
  3. No difference.


  1. Your lawn mower engine starts to run better = FUEL ISSUE. When you engage the choke lever you are limiting the air intake to compensate for the lack of fuel. Look for problems ranging from a fuel restriction to an internal issue in the carburetor.
  2. The mower runs worse= IGNITION PROBLEM. Why? Because You just added extra fuel to an already weak spark condition. Start by simply installing a new set of spark plug(s) and have a competent mechanic test the ignition system with the proper diagnostic tools.
  3. There was no difference= MECHANICAL ISSUE. The problem may be an air leak, a compression or timing issue. Possibly  a combination of all the above. This one is best left to the professionals.

Make sure you choose a professional repair shop that is a certified dealer for your engine brand. That way, You’ll have recourse if the problem returns.

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