Choosing the right mechanic to repair your Power Equipment.

Tis the season for colds and flu. AND for thinking about the repairs you’ve been putting off for your lawn equipment. Here is a little advice and some simple math to consider before you shell out your hard earned money to have any outdoor power equipment repair work done.

In the past 3 decades I’ve met countless numbers of people coming thru the doors of our dealerships for lawn mower repairs. Most of the 1st. time customers were bringing in  outdoor power equipment that was incorrectly repaired by a “shade tree mechanic.” You know who I’m talking about. That guy that works on anything at home for $50 an hour. Hey, I get it. Your local dealer charges $90 an hour. So you’re saving $40. Right? Besides, the “shade tree” always has lots of equipment sitting around waiting to be worked on, so he must be good. Right?

SORRY. In most cases, you would be wrong on both counts. Let’s do the math.

  • The “shade tree” charges less $$ per hour. This is true. But, make no mistake, this guy is not running a charity. If he could charge more he would. His prices are lower because he knows he has no way to justify charging more. PLUS You get to pay him to run around to the dealers buying parts because most manufacturers will only sell parts to certified dealers. He also lacks…..

A. updated training

B. technical support

C. the proper diagnostic tools available only to authorized dealers.

All of this adds up to..

  1. you paying more for a repair that takes  2 – 3 times longer to complete.
  2. a continuous back up of repairs….AND all of the equipment sitting around! unfortunately a lot of comebacks and incorrect repairs seem to go hand in hand.    (if I had a dollar for every mower we re-repaired after it was taken to the “shade tree” twice for the same problem) 


The “shade tree” takes 3 hours (50×3)   $150.00  (if he gets it right the first time)

A certified dealer takes 1 hour (90×1)   $90.00 (you save $60 and get a guarantee)

I almost forgot!…Nearly ALL parts have ZERO warranty if they are not installed by a qualified dealer. Old “shade tree” better hope that $200 starter he installed is a good one!

The bottom line. It’s cheaper and faster to go to a qualified, certified dealer.

If I had to choose one thing I am most proud of at my dealership, Midstate Turf & Tractor llc. in Springfield, TN. it would have to be that we hold the highest certifications available in the industry, Our service department stays 4-6 days out on repairs when the other shops are 4 – 6 weeks!

Thanks for reading!




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