What’s new for Branson Tractors?

Well, January is behind us. And here in Nashville, TN. the first day of February brought us snow flurries. So, why not stay inside where it’s warm and talk tractors.

  • 1905h.   I call this little guy  “The lawn mower on steroids” A 19 HP 3 cylinder liquid cooled diesel with 4×4, power steering & HST automatic trans. At 1400 lbs. It weighs no more than a commercial zero turn lawn mower. Being 44″ wide and only 94″ long, the tractor fits in the back of a standard size pick up truck. You will need a small trailer if you add the optional front loader and belly mower. The complete tractor package will sell for around $12,000 plus tax.
  • 25 Series. The 3725 & 4225. Both available in Shuttle shift and HST. With or without Deluxe cabs.  This line was added due to customer demand. Hobby farmers and Rural Lifestylers asked for a lower HP cab tractor with heat & AC.  This meant adding a 4 cylinder diesel engine to run an AC pump. To set these tractors apart from the 20 series, Branson added a deluxe reclining seat with head rest and arm rests. Plus, both of the rear lift arms are adjustable. This is great here in the hills of Tennessee. We offer the 37 and 42 open tractors with loaders for around $21,000 and $22,000 respectively.
  • BL100. This loader comes on the 2400 and 2400H.  It lifts 1,300 pounds to a full height of 7.3′ (incredible for a 24 HP compact utility tractor) it’s quick attach too!
  • BL150. Standard on 30, 35 & 40 H.P. 15 series Tractors. Quick Attach with a skid steer bucket. 8.6′ full height. 2,700 lbs. capacity with 11.3 ft. bucket capacity.
  • BL200. These Loaders are now standard options for 20 and 25 series tractors. This loader has a larger 13.1 ft. bucket capacity. 3606 lbs. of break-out force and has a Skid Steer Style tooth bucket.                                                                                                 (A bucket level indicator and Quick Attach is standard on ALL Branson loaders)
  • BH Backhoes. Along with the new loaders, Branson has also redesigned the Quick Attach Sub-Frame Backhoes. Ranging from 2,050 lbs. of digging force on the BH100 to a whopping 4,554 lbs. on the BH200 that comes on the 20 – 25 series tractors.

Well that was just a quick peek at what’s going on with Branson Tractors. I have been told that there will be several more new tractors available by early summer, so stay tuned!


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