Reviewing the 2018 Simplicity Courier

The Simplicity Courier…What can I say? It’s a pretty cool twist on lawn equipment. A quick glance reveals a zero turn lawn mower that also has a cargo bed to carry all of your supplies. But there’s a lot more to the courier…

I’ve been in this business for 30 years and I’m not afraid to “tell it like it is” when it comes to good or bad equipment.

Most of the time I see companies throw a cool option on something I would otherwise call junk, and then push it off as a quality mower. NOT THIS TIME. The courier is built with surprisingly strong components and prices start at $2,900. Here are a few bullet points of our best selling model #2691477.

  • 48″ fab. deck with greasable bearings, striping roller & lifetime limited warranty.
  • Kawasaki V-twin engine with 21.5 HP.
  • Fully welded steel frame.
  • pivoting tubular front axle.
  • 4 wheel suspension system.
  • cargo bed with 50 lb. capacity. (also helps the engine run 20 degrees cooler)
  • 3 year limited warranty
  • creature comforts like foot operated deck lift, automatic brakes & mesh seat.

So, as you can see, the Courier starts with good components and then adds to it. I can imagine loading up bags of mulch and my tools, Then heading the courier to the end of the driveway to build some real curb appeal. yes, you could do that with a lawn tractor and a cart, but you wouldn’t have the cut quality or maneuverability of a zero turn. I can’t say I would choose this machine to mow 10 acres on a regular basis. In my opinion the courier was designed to help you turn your place into a showplace. And it does a great job at it.

Talk to you later!


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