Mahindra 1533 VS. Branson 3515

I was blind-sided the other day by a neighbor who stopped by to ask my opinion of what he called “That little Mahindra tractor made by Mitsubishi”

I’m sure my blank stare said it all, But I told him I’d get back to him about it. I researched the Mahindra company web site and some of my favorite forum sites. Then I built a comparison chart between the Mahindra 1533 and The closest Branson Tractor I could find, the 3515R.  The winner in each category is highlighted.

BRANSON 3515R                  MAHINDRA 1533

35 HP / 30 PTO                34.5 HP / 25 PTO

no-regen.                         no regen.

3014 lbs.                           3164 lbs.

6 yr. war.                         7 yr. war.

3306 lbs. rear lift           2646 lbs. rear lift

12/12 transmission       8/8 transmission

4×4                                   4×4

13.4 GPM hydr.              11.1 GPM hydr.

2 speed PTO                    1 speed PTO

ldr. lift 2,713 lbs.            ldr lift 1,650

NOTE: The Branson loader capacity is with the new standard equipment BL150 Loader.

  As for prices, I contacted several Mahindra dealers but could not get any of them to commit to a sale price. Mahindra Tractor Co. has a suggested price of $26,880 for the tractor with loader. Our everyday cash price on the Branson 3515R loader package is $18,800. (almost $10,000 less)

As a general rule, I try not to trash-talk a competitors machine. I let the numbers speak for themselves and the readers draw their own conclusions.

If any of you have equipment questions or have a tractor comparison you would like to see, Please shoot me an email at

Thanks for Reading!






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