Next Generation of Branson Tractors.



I just got back from Branson Tractors headquarters and main assembly plant in Georgia. There are a lot of improvements and new models in pre-production right now! A budget minded 25 HP compact utility, A 25 HP sub-compact and a 110 HP utility, just to name a few.

The Top model on my list of the coolest new Branson tractors this year is the 3515 Deluxe Cab Tractors. Available in both Synchronized Shuttle and HST transmissions. Branson loaded them with features like AC/heat. Deluxe sound system. Adjustable suspension seat. There’s also a fender mounted loader joy stick. (a first for a 15 series tractor). When you test drive one, be sure not to overlook the 6 work lights, wipers (front and rear) floor mat, 4×4 with traction lock, steps and side mirrors. This tractor is also available with a turbo charged 40 HP VERSION.

Next on my list is the 2510H. This is basically an improved version of the 2400 tractor that has been around for more than a decade. Still a 24.5 HP engine (staying under the emissions radar of 25+HP) The Transmission is stepped up from 2 to 3 Ranges. This has proven to be a lot more versatile for loader and backhoe work.

Speaking of loaders and backhoes…Also new for the 2400 & 2510  are the Branson-built BL100S Loader with skid steer bucket & BH100 6.5′ Quick attach backhoe. The BL100 Lifts an improved 1,314 lbs. to a full height of almost 7′. The BH100 has an increased digging strength up almost 500# from previous models.

Next time we’ll dive into the new 19 & 25 horse power super sub-compact tractors!

Thanks for reading!


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