Leaf Blower Buying Guide 2019

Hi everyone! There are more different leaf blowers available than ever before. Including Several battery powered options that are absolutely incredible!

  1. Look past the Brand names. Many of the ‘old school‘ brand names are nothing more than a sticker anymore. For example: Poulan, Poulan Pro, Redmax, Partner, Jonsered, Craftsman, Weedeater & McCulloch labels are all part of the Husqvarna group.
  2. Look at the DURABLILTY RATING. This is the useful life of the machine as deemed by the E.P.A. Some brands are rated for 40 hrs. That Blows! (pun intended) Look for equipment in the 200-300 hrs. range.
  3.  Air speed M.P.H. is just a cheap gimmick.  Seriously, you can blow air through a straw at 200 m.p.h. How many leaves can you blow with a straw!
  4. Look at air flow C.F.M. (cubic feet per minute) This is the standard measurement of how much air the blower will move. For hand held blowers 350 CFM is adequate. Backpack Blowers should be 450 CFM and up. The difference will be noticed when you can stand in one spot and push leaves across the yard. With smaller blowers, you will be chasing the leaves across the yard.
  5. Look at the standard warranty. A good warranty will include PARTS AND LABOR for a minimum of 2 years. Some offer as much as 5 years with additional lifetime warranty on certain parts.
  6. Avoid purchasing an Extended warranty. They will not cover any repairs that the manufacturer doesn’t already cover,and not for much longer than the factory one.
  7. Make sure you buy from a dealer. Choose one that has a good SERVICE DEPT. to take care of needed repairs. the big box stores won’t. That means if you have a problem, Your machine gets shipped away to “who-knows where for who-knows how long.” And you will probably not have any alternative. As most servicing dealers will NOT work on a machine that they did not sell.

I hope this information helps you make a good informed decision. I would love to hear your thoughts and experiences also.


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