Chainsaw repair tip. #8

I think all of us that own and repair chainsaws will agree that bar and chain issues can be extremely confusing. Take, for instance, a recent service issue from our dealership.

A customer had just purchased and installed a new chain on his Husqvarna chainsaw. After just a couple of minutes of use, the bar would become extremely hot. So he assumed that we had sold him the wrong chain.

We were able to match that chain with the number requirements stamped on the bar. (.325 58 67D) And it was correct.

We knew that a non-functioning bar oiler can also cause extreme friction that makes the bar hot. But, given that the new chain was extremely oily as well as the bar, we knew that was not the problem.

The only clue that I had words that the bar was only getting hot at the tip. So We disassemble the bar and chain and found it was somewhat hard to turn the sprocket at the end of the bar. There should be a little friction, but not a lot.

I also noticed that the teeth of the bar sprocket were pretty even with the tip of the bar. (I like to see them protrude out about 1/16″)

A new bar fixed the issue. Apparently, the new chain with it’s fresh links and a worn out sprocket allowing the chain to sit deeper in the bar, caused more friction. That was all that was needed to cause a really noticeable problem.

So, I suppose the moral of the story is, anytime you replace the chain, check the bar for wear as well.

I hope you found this tip useful.

Until next time…


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